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Meet your insurance claims

In the event of a storm or flood, you need someone who can assess a claim quickly and carry out damage repairs efficiently.

Effective damage repair


We will complete repairs quickly and professionally - and always to a high standard.

Fire damage

Water Escape

Flood damage



If you are dealing with a fire insurance claim in Aberdeen, we are here to help. We will assess fire damage and smoke damage, and provide an accurate estimate for restoration within 48 hours.

Burst pipes or failed plumbing unfortunately can sometimes cause damage to your property. We will assess any damage quickly and issue you with a report and estimate for submission to you insurers.

Repairing damage from water incursion can be costly and prolonged. We will commence work quickly to dry a home and reduce overall repair time.

Whether you have experienced water or fire damage, we are here to help. We will respond quickly and provide you with a detailed scope of works and estimate for you to submit to your insurers.

In the event of damage, we have the experience necessary to restore a property to its previous condition.

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We employ local specialist tradesmen, whose work can be guaranteed for quality and longevity.

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"Since 2008 we've been known for our exceptionally high standards of skill, quality and reliability. We work with major insurance companies, loss adjusters and private customers, providing expertise in all areas."